puberty has done you well, tyreesha

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#latepost I am very grateful for those who I’ve met in the past couple months. Although yes, I know I’m not Asian I am still open to learn new traditions and cultures. Thanks to my pbros @mnsang and Thomas for taking me to see how Vietnamese celebrate with firecrackers lol. And thanks to my pbro @itsbrandwa for my red envelope 😛 “Chúc mừng năm mới!” As some may say #honoraryasian #ivebeenconverted #sjsu #aphio

Your 20s in college are the years to create memories… To go past the boundaries you’ve set in the past and enjoy yourself because in the future you’ll reflect on them and remember how much of a good time you had #aoki #sjsu #feelinggood #goodtimes #pbros #big #yolo @ar3tha @mchoy95 @schuuuuc @darleneluu @dorkiesaywhat @stanleyw_77 @valandpals @nathanchein @ro_de_boat

Having a good time. I couldn’t have dared to turn this away. #feelinggood #sjsu (at Event Center at SJSU)

Out with my line. Nom nom nom (missing my twin) @ar3tha @xzinc

Such a nice day out today. No other better way to spend it today other than with my pledge class today. APhiO Dave Emery F13 BBQ.